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In the Details

Ashton RayComment
In the Details

I started this blog to share about what The Father is doing in my life and really, i’m not doing a very good job. i’m so bad at making myself sit down and write, and with that, if i do sit down to write, i have this nasty habit of deleting it two paragraphs in, shutting my computer and not returning for days. i’m confessing this because The Lord but it on my heart to write sometime last week and this is the third time i’ve sat down to do so. Hopefully i’ll make it past two paragraphs and it’ll be something worth sharing.

i’m living my twentieth year of life, my sixth year as a Christian, and my first full year as a college student and i am learning more about who our Heavenly Father is every day. It’s so fun.

As i’m learning more about The Father, i’m learning more about who i am in Him and He is showing me the different things in my life that i need to change to honor Him. Recently, i’ve realized that i have this stupid habit of putting God in a box, even when i don’t realize it (i know i’m not alone here). It’s so silly! He is the one who created the moon and the stars, who filled the oceans and paints ever sunset, and yet i waste time by putting Him in a box! i will walk through my days being miserable, hating class, hating the weather, hating a meal and so many other little things that 1. i shouldn’t let ruin my day or steal my joy for even a second 2. The Father can turn into something so much more than i let Him! Yes, The Lord is all about the big things; the college choice, the summer internship, the relationship. He is there to guide us through every step of those big decisions, but He’s also there to help us with the small ones. He’s here to help us see even the cloudiest days as a blessing, to see going to our most boring class as an opportunity to praise Him for the opportunity to learn. Our Creator is in the details of everything we do and personally, i’m tired of living like He isn’t. Why do i let dumb little things steal the joy that my Creator has put in my heart? i don’t want to let the enemy have that power any more.

From the strength of my morning cup of coffee to the comfort of my bed at night– The Father is in the details of it. i just have to stop ignoring Him. i have to realize that He is in them. It is a blessing to be able to make myself countless (and sometimes too many) cups of coffee. My bed at school is more comfortable that i could ask, and i should be thankful for that rather than just letting it be a blessing to overlook. One day last week, i woke up and made the choice to look for Him, to quit ignoring the fact that the little things are gifts just as much as the big things. Goodness, it was without a doubt one of the best days i’ve had this semester (and get this– it was spent studying for midterms). He is so good. Let me tell you about it. Well actually, let’s let Past Ashton tell you about it.

This was a text i sent to one of my friends that day:

“On the real though, when i woke up, the Father had already placed a joy in my heart because of who He is. So despite the fact that i did have much of a Saturday & i’m spending my night in Cups studying more, i’m incredibly happy. He has given me a wonderful day, and Cups is brewing white russian & captain gabe’s, and i got the couch, and Dad knew i needed all these little things to make today worthwhile. Jesus is in the details of everything and if anyone says differently, they’re wrong. Dad is so sweet.”

(For those of you who live outside of the MC Bubble; Cups is a coffee shop, white russian and captain gabe’s are two of my favorite brews, and getting to study on the couch is a blessing.)

That Saturday was a day where i went to sleep with a smile on my face. Look for The Lord in the little things, go to Him with the little things, talk to Him through the little things, let Him walk you through the little things. Doing so is changing my every day life and impacting me in an internal way. i pray that one day i not longer put God in a box. i hope that i see Him for all i can concept that He is. As He is working in me, as He is changing my heart, i will continue to look for Him in the details. i will not overlook the sweetness of the sunset or the breeze in my walk from classes. i will not let the little things steal my joy, i will invite The Father into those moments, to steal away those frustrations and cover them in His goodness. Even the worst days can turn good simply because He is good. Even the most boring classes can be interesting because He is good. Even the longest nights spent studying can be fun because He is good. Even the idea of raising $1,500 in two weeks can be fun because He is good. Seriously, the list could go on forever.

The past few weeks have been such a joy, walking through them with my Creator. i am so thankful that i serve a God who is not distant from me, but rather desires to be with me through every step of every day. He is in the details whether we look for Him or not, but the thing is, He WANTS us to see Him in the details. He wants us to experience Him in new ways. He desires a close personal relationship with us and i just think that that’s really cool.

i hope i never get tired of experiencing Him in new ways. i hope that i continue to invite Him into my life to change me for His glory. i hope i never stop looking for Him in the details. i hope that one day i become the woman He made me to be, or at least that i don’t put up any walls to stop that from happening. i hope that i live a life pleasing to Him. i hope i never lose sight of the life that He’s called me to live.

i pray the same for you.

He is such a wonderful, gracious Father. i am thankful that i get to know Him, i am thankful i get to see Him in the details.